UKVI Visa Processing Times

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UKVI Visa Processing Times

When do Applications receive a Decision?

Many of you who have made applications to the Home Office have spent months and even possibly a year or longer before you receive a decision on your application.  It is a long wait of stress and anxiety waiting to see if it has been approved.

The UKVI does set out when you are likely to receive a decision.  In most case this should be at least within 3 months but certain applications do take longer.  The reason being the amount of applications they have to make decisions on.

Visa Processing Times – the luxury of time

Most caseworkers for the Home Office do not have the luxury of going through applications as thoroughly as you or I would like to think.  They do not have time to consider all of the documents in detail and must quickly process the applications.  This is challenging if your application has more documents or there are certain aspects to your application that you wanted to make the Home Office aware of.

The UKVI published guidance on the 7 September 2023 on how long each category takes is an interesting read.  For those who have already made previous applications, find that even though documents were supplied in previous applications they are still required again.  The marriage certificate being one of those documents that is repeatedly provided.

A hourglass with a sunset behind itVisa Processing Times
How long does an application take for a decision?

Visa Processing Times

Applications submitted in the UK using the online system and then going to have your documents scanned and biometrics provided.  The time will start from this point.  If you have paid for your application but not yet provided your finger prints and photo your time as not yet began.

How long does it take for a decision?

For most applications the UKVI states that the visa processing time would be 8 weeks.  Now this looks great on paper. But how many actually are decided within this time frame will depend on your particular situation.

For example under the family routes the financial requirements are extremely large and vary depending on how you receive your income.  Those who are self-employed have a wealth of documents that they must submit. It is also a complex mathematical situation when categories under the financial requirements need to be mixed.  For the standard spouse application within the UK the decision should take 8 weeks.

However consider if you are making the parent application, this is given a visa processing time of 12 months even if you have previously made parent applications before.

An application taking 12 months or longer has a big impact on mental health for the family and the applicant.  You are unable to travel, you may not have any identification and who may have an employer scared of keeping you on.

Ukraine applications are just listed as quickly as possible. The Health and Care worker visa is one of  the shortest at 3 weeks with a few other worker visas.

The clause at the very bottom of their guidance does state that ‘ your visa application may take longer to process’.

Let me know how long your application has taken.

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