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Student Placements & Work Experience:

Through a student placement or work experience at 4A Law you could discover whether law is the right career choice for you. Fancy a career in the legal profession? Want to know what it is like to work as a lawyer? For your opportunity to do a student placement or work experience you can contact us!

So Why Join Us for your Student Placement?
At 4A Law you will learn skills that will help you not just in the legal profession but also transferable skills to help you get a job. You are likely to be engaged in a variety of tasks and you will get to experience what it is like in a real workplace.

Depending on how much time you spend with us, you may get some ‘real’ hands on experience at assisting us with running a case from start to finish.

At 4A Law we believe in a no-nonsense straight-talking, jargon-free speak. We help the client to understand the implication of their legal case. We explain things in a way that is clear, concise and always put the client first, without any prejudice or discrimination.

The firm’s commitment to excellence means that it has created three core values which it operates by at all times. To ensure excellence for our clients, our core values remain firmly intact.

  • The first is trust; a relationship based on trust will enable both client and adviser to deal with the case effectively and efficiently.
  • The second, is understanding the needs and goals of the client to provide the best course of action.
  • Finally, we aim to provide a world-class service as we have experienced and skilled lawyers who think outside the box so we are able to provide clients with the service they deserve.

During Your Work Experience – Your Learn and Development

  • Communication both verbal and written
  • Analytical skills
  • Digital skills.
  • Administrative skills
  • Research skills
  • Advocacy skills

What You Should Wear
As you will be in a professional environment it is expected that you are in comfortable, smart casual clothing. For example, trousers and a shirt, a dress, or a skirt and top. Do not worry if you have a limited wardrobe – we do not judge you by what you wear but what you say and do! So long as your appearance is neat and tidy. On most Fridays we have dress down day unless there is an important meeting or client conference when it would be inappropriate to wear your jeans.

What Will You Do?
During your time at 4A Law you will be working on your own and as part of a team. You will be working on ‘real’ cases assisting the lawyers. This may be a drafting exercise, sitting in on client meetings or carrying out some research. You will also be asked to do the usual administrative tasks such as photo copying and scanning.

Your work and tasks will be reviewed by the relevant lawyers. Remember that it all part of learning, learning new skills and developing those that you have.

For one thing learning never stops in the Legal profession as we must always update ourselves and plan and prepare cases to our ever-changing world.

How long can you spend with us?
Your time with us will depend on your availability and ours. We can offer a wide range of possibilities:

  • A week
  • A fort night
  • The summer vacation 2 – 4 weeks
  • Certain days of the week for 6 months
  • A full 6 months

What have previous participants with us said about their placement and time with us.
“ As a legal assistant at 4A LAW I was given many opportunities to train myself to maintain a level of competence and gain good knowledge of commercial and immigration law. Tahir & Jes were excellent mentors who were always ready to answer my queries, they had supervised and checked all of my work and provided constructive feedback on how to improve. The working environment at 4A LAW is very close-knit and friendly. Most importantly, the organisation provides a lot of support to learn and  grow as a legal professional”. 2017 – current

What you will take away

We want you to leave with a new-found confidence about what you can achieve and have experiences you can talk about at interview.

You will get a certificate showing your attendance record and your achievements to demonstrate your commitment and skills to your prospective employers.

A few benefits

  • To grow as an individual
  • Your reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed
  • We are accessible by Public transport
  • Car Parking is available
  • Lunch, snacks and teas and coffees are available
  • A Mentor will be provided during your time at 4A Law
  • A certificate given once your time with us has passed (for those you remain longer than 6 months a certificate will be given at the end of each 6-month period)

How to apply
Send us a cover letter and your CV to Remember to include dates of your availability. You may then be invited for an interview. It is important to have diverse talent, views and thinking if we are to deliver exceptional client value and solve the world’s important problems. 4A Law is open to flexible working arrangements.

For a confidential discussion, please contact us at or call us and ask to speak to the Head of Immigration, Jes Rohit or the Head of Commercial,Tahir Ashraf on +44(0)1293 409 305.

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