UK Student Visa Requirements

Student Visa

At 4A Law we can help you with studying in the UK.  Whether you want to do a short course, a degree at one of UK’s prestigious Universities or go to ‘school’, we can help you by providing you with the advice and assistance you need for the right visa.

We can help you:

  • with the rules that are applicable to you and,
  • what documents you will need,
  • what the process is,
  • where you need to apply,
  • how you can apply,
  • whether there are any prior English tests that are required,
  • what the financial requirements are.

We can also help if your application has been refused.

Short-term study visa:

This visa applies to students of any age who want to come to the UK to study short courses. The time period on this visa would be relatively short as you are only meant to be here for the duration of your studies. If you want to apply for courses that are longer, i.e. duration is over 1 year, then Tier 4 visa is the right option for you.

General student visa (Tier 4):

Tier 4 (General) students visa allows students to study a range of courses (usually at degree level), but those courses must meet certain requirements including minimum levels of qualifications. You may undertake work placements as part of your course depending on the level of your course but they are subjected to time limits on your study.

Child student visa (Tier 4):

This visa is very similar to Tier 4 (General) student visa, but it applies to students aged from 4 to 17 years.

Whether clients are based in the UK or internationally our lawyers advise clients in all immigration law matters affecting the UK and specialise in creating the right immigration solution tailored to suit the individual and the business client’s circumstances.

If you are concerned about being faced with a great deal of stress and in many cases uncertainty about your personal or business and work visa needs, or are concerned about immigration law reform affecting your situation, getting the right legal advice from our Lawyers is an email away or telephone call away.

For a first class immigration advisory service Contact us and because we can provide immediate advice for a fixed fee, to assist in making the process become as stress-free as possible.

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