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UK Visa Decisions Inconsistent: A report by John Vine CBE QPM an Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has been published following the inspection of African UK Visa Centres. The report tells immigration lawyers something many of us already knew. That is that there is an real inconsistency of approach in African based UK Visa Centres, where the Entry Clearance Officers (ECO) make the decisions on a visa application.

Africa in hearts
Africa, the continent where UK Visa Decisions Inconsistent– Africa in hearts— (

 Report Highlights:

Inconsistency of Visa Decisions for UK

The Report published provides an invaluable insight in to the way business is conducted and is of interest to those people who may be considering making an application at a UK visa centre in Africa. In fact, those who may be considering making an application for a UK visa anywhere at a British Embassy/ British High Commission Visa Centre should also consider the report and its findings.

Our own experience of the decisions made by Entry Clearance Officers abroad on a visa application is such that there is no consistent approach. Whether the application is for a visit visa, a spouse visa, as UK student visa or visas under the Points Based System to work, or any of the other categories, one thing is for sure, there is a lack of consistency in approach.

Decide in Favour of Refusals

Immigrations Rules and Requirements are the same for all UK Immigration Visas around the world so why do the decisions and the approach vary so much.  I can almost imagine the voice of British Home Secretary Theresa May echoing ‘each case is considered and decided upon individually on its merits’. Rubbish!

I suppose there one element of consistency that one can be sure of. An application can be refused for any reason, good or bad, right or wrong and believe it or not, relevant or irrelevant.

Unfortunately far too commons a feature is where decisions have been made to refuse applications when they are not even relevant to the application! Of course the difficulty there is that now that appeal rights are restricted the applicant would have to incur further costs to challenge and overturn the refusal decision.

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