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2012 should have been a fantastic year for London given that the London UK  held the Olympic games. Though one had to be careful of the ban on using the word ‘Olympics’ when advertising your business services during the ‘London 2012 games’ was not bad enough for business and the economy, UK immigration visas are also facing several restrictions. Keeping in mind that the changes by the Home Secretary have meant that it is a little more challenging to be playing the London 2012 UK Immigration Visa Games.

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If you fancy doing a two-in-one type of trip to visit England to see the games and meet relatives, then you need to get your London 2012 schedule right.

UK Immigration Games

The Key Date: 9th July  2012

If you have not obtained your ticket to travel make sure you get the right UK visa because you can not afford to treat this like a game and need to be aware that as of the 9th July 2012, you too could be impacted.

Are You Athletic Enough?

Don’t ask yourself whether you are athletic enough to go through the hurdles placed by the Olympic authorities. Instead, think about whether your application for immigration to the UK is competitive enough and athletic enough to survive through the opening ceremony, that being the initial sift of filling out the right form.

As part of the Home Secretary Theresa May’s tough stance on controlling the migration track to Britain, the law change of the 9th July has an impact not only those visiting but those considering marriage. Unlike business visitors more than ever before, a British family needs to think long and hard about who they choose to engage with and include within the family team. There is serious concern amongst immigration lawyers as it is feared that these changes will mean that many genuine and otherwise lawful applications will be refused without appeal rights.

Within family migration UK visit visa appeals have also seen the introduction of secondary legislation tightening the family and sponsor definitions with changes implemented and UK visitor visa applications being impacted.

Loss of Migration Game Appeal Rights for UK Family Visas: The Expert Lawyer’s View

Vijesna Rohit head of 4A LAW immigration said “the effect of removing appeal rights from UK visit visas for family visitors is such that unsuccessful applicants will no longer have a full right of appeal, quite a blow for genuine visitors given the lack of consistency between the decision makers in granting a UK visa.”

For some people seeking a visa to enter the UK to watch the Olympic Games and visit family is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This might be viewed by the immigration authorities in a negative light when compared with someone of substantial means but should not form the basis of a refusal. Unfortunately though, it does!

Losing in the London 2012 Immigration Games: How to Compete if refused a UK Visa

If you have been refused a UK Visa, you might have lost out on the gold medal. All is not lost! To be in with a chance of winning not just the gold, in athletics one must think beyond survival and do what can be rightly done. Getting on the right track to relay a successful appeal may for some people be quite an achievement similar to carrying the Olympic torch. Of course to be in with a sporting chance a person must take part in the London 2012 Immigration Games and when refusals do occur, that is the time to get the right advice. A clean score card is important instead of having to explain refusals on every future application.

Based on the 12 years experience of successfully representing migrants and their families at court and winning cases on immigration appeals, it is worth noting that it may be the case that a right of appeal is so limited that one has to consider the overall commercial viability of a decision to pursue an immigration appeal.

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