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What do UK Immigration, BBC Panorama and Human Trafficking have in common? The fact that Paul Kenyon of the BBC Panorama presented a programme which appeared to confuse human trafficking for immigration. Instead of highlighting that those struggling to get the right UK visa immigration advice are increasingly falling victim to a serious organised crime.

Why did the BBC Panorama Confuse Human Trafficking for UK Immigration?

The short answer is that sensationalism sells. The answer could well be that it was a mistake or an opinion. The real answer may well be that the writer has adopted an approach and perhaps read too much into it. What is clear though is that the Panorama program in a somewhat headline grabbing fashion entitled ‘Immigration Undercover’, in fact uncovered the plight of many defenceless people. These are people who are victims of serious organised crime and gangs. These people receive little, if any, help from the authorities.

Was it right for the BBC Panorama to use UK immigration to exploit Human Trafficking?

Some would say it is a credit to Paul Kenyon and it was it right for the BBC Panorama to use UK immigration to exploit Human Trafficking to demonstrate the shocking discovery which explains how the UKBA and the British immigration system continually remains not fit for purpose. Of course immigration law practitioners are aware of this sad but unstated fact as it comes with the territory.

Whilst there has been a great deal of fuss about how ‘Pippa Middleton’s ‘Favourite £200 British Handbag Sees Workers Paid At Just 17p An Hour’ in India and unfortunately, there is very little if any follow up coverage of the girls trafficked from India to the UK and exploited for prostitution. One can only wonder the real cost to the lives of those who become victims of human trafficking.

Director, Vijesna Rohit Head of 4A LAW immigration says “The Home Office have approximately 100,000 of items of unopened mail and a backlog of 300,000 cases, as per the BBC Panorama program and it highlights the scale of the problem.

Of course, it is essential that people do not fall into the traps of getting a UK immigration visa through unregulated advisors and agents. This is because the potential impact can be catastrophic and often damaged without the possibility of any repair.

In any event, we suggest that it is perhaps best that the UK Border Force Enforcement should use powers to register illegal immigrants at point of contact. With those immigrants being given permission to work to prevent exploitation and illegal working.

Getting the right UK visa advice is the best thing to do especially when things may have gone wrong and there is a visa refusal, because it is always important to have the peace of mind of knowing from a professional qualified good lawyer whether a UK visa appeal is likely to be successful.

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