McDonald’s Lawyers and Customer Satisfaction Lessons

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An article in Yahoo headlined as “McDonald’s Ranks Last in Customer Satisfaction Index” was bound to get some attention. It even inspired us enough to blog about it. Apparently as per the survey and the article, not all of McDonald’s customers are ‘lovin’ it’.

McDonalds Inverness
Customer Satisfaction Lessons for Lawyers and all businesses. McDonalds Inverness—Duncan Brown Cradlehall (

Why Should I care About McDonalds’ Service?

Should anyone care that in a report released by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), McDonald’s finished last among its restaurant peers in Fast food restaurants.

The question though one has to ask is does it make a difference if you serve 68 million customers a day?  The way this seems is that one in every four people could not be satisfied with the service received. Some of these feature obviously across the pond more so than they do in the UK. One can not help but wonder are there lessons to be learnt?

Satisfied Clients?

The list insofar as percentages are concerned is:

Papa John’s 83%

Subway 82%

Little Caesar 82%

Dunkin Donuts 79%

Pizza Hut 78%

Wendy’s 78%

Domino’s Pizza 77%

Taco Bell 77%

Starbucks 76%

KFC 75%

Burger King 75%

McDonald’s 73%

Improving Customer Satisfaction for Lawyers

As Macky D’s 73 percent satisfaction score is in fact a lot higher that it was 12 years ago at 59 percent. Whilst the businesses are different in nature, and the saying remains true that one can not please all of the people all of the time.

Why do I see McDonald’s on a law firm blog?

Lessons are there to be learnt from all walks of life. As a law firm interested in the pursuit of our mission statement and actually delivering value to the client, it is our genuine belief and passion that every business should be able to give something to the customer over and above the bare minimum. After all great customer satisfaction means great testimonials.

As a leading commercial and innovative law firm 4A LAW are proud to say that clients have kindly provided testimonials which highlight not just the basic service delivered, but the added value for using  our services. Sort of like the ‘c’ factor. The customer focus factor. It is for that very reason that as lawyers we pride ourselves creating commercial legal solutions for interest of every client whether a private individual or business client, to the fullest extent of the law.

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