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Due to the changes in the UK visa and UK student visa rules particularly changes in the tier 4 rules students who want to know how to obtain a UK student visa and migrate to the UK to study degree level courses must consider a 5 year time limit.

4A LAW UK Immigration Lawyers Provide Personalised UK Student Visa Immigration Advice
4A LAW UK Immigration Lawyers Provide Personalised UK Student Visa Immigration Advice

 UK Student Visa Implications

According to a UKBA update there will be a 5 year limit imposed on international students holding a UK student visa to complete a course at degree level.  The implication for this is that those international students who want to get a UK student visa to study (and work during studies) will need to ensure that their performance and attendance is satisfactory. Failure to do so may result in an international student falling foul of the UK immigration laws and students thereby being time-barred and prevented from continuing to study and work.

One such common example is where an international student part way through a degree course may decide to change to a different course, having spent approximately 1 and ½ years at undergraduate level. If the student then, for whatever reason, is unable to complete the course that could mean that the student is prevented from doing so as this would take the international student over the 5 year time limit for that particular UK student visa. This appears to be applicable to non-EU nationals.

Vijesna Rohit, director and head of the Immigration department at 4A LAW LAWYERS commented that “changes to UK visas and in particular to the UK student visa rules under tier 4 partly reflect a streamlining of the maximum amount of time that can be spent by a British UK and /or European student on a degree course. The last thing that hardworking migrants who contribute to the UK economy want is to be on the wrong side of the immigration laws of the UK. Hopefully this change will not produce undesirable effects to the detriment of the genuine students and by implication, to the UK economy.”

4A LAW LAWYERS would advise all current students who had hoped to apply for the Post Study visa to contact 4A LAW LAWYERS for specific immigration advice on individual circumstances and potential options. Those who want to know how to get a UK student visa would be best placed to get professional immigration advice first as the right advice could mean the difference between refused visa applications and bad immigration history and a successful and prosperous future. 4A LAW Immigration Lawyers can deal with cases from initial advice through to appeals. Getting an immigration application right the first time is always best.

4A LAW LAWYERS business department can advise business on relocation and in conjunction with 4A LAW Immigration Lawyers and can help protect the UK immigration interests of businesses too.

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