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UK Visas and Immigration
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How to get a UK Visit Visa for a Visit to the UK

UK Immigration: Obtaing a UK visit visa for a visit to the UK need not be such a stressful task. If you want to know how to get a UK immigration visit visa, it is probably not going to be a quick and certainly not a simple task. It is usually important when you invest time and money into making an immiigration application for a UK visit visa to make sure that it is done right. Unless of course you have got enough money to take chances on getting it wrong!

4A LAW UK Immigration Lawyers Provide Personalised UK Visit Visa Immigration Advice

 Getting a UK Immigration for a UK Visit Visa: Prevention is better than cure

The 4A LAW Lawyers immigration department would advise that it is always better to prevent an immigration ailment than to try and cure one. Whether you are visiting the UK for business purposes, as an investor, an entrepreneur, an artist, or given that the 2012 Olympic Games are held in London, UK, as an athlete, or spectator it is important that you apply for the correct UK immigration visa.

Your UK Immigration – A UK Visit Visa for Business or Pleasure?

There are circumstances, where business and pleasure are mixed. For those visiting the UK to visit family, friends or watch the 2012 Olympics in London, again, getting the right advice and assistance on an application for a visit visa to the UK from the beginning can be the difference between a successful application and the financial loss and loss of time as well as stress associated with a refusal.

UK Immigration and UK Visit Visas: The Art of Getting it Right

Given that there are so many categories for immigration or a UK visit visa, each allowing a maximum of 6 months with different requirements and documents it is no surprise that many people face refusals on even basic first time applications.

Some of the immigration categories of a UK visit visa are:

  • General visitor
  • Child visitor
  • ADS visitor
  • Family visitor
  • Business visitor
  • Prospective Entrepreneur visitor
  • Student visitor
  • Prospective Student visitor
  • Sports visitor – there are special arrangements for those coming for the Olympics who are accredited
  • Entertainer visitor
  • Marriage visitor
  • Medical visitor
  • Transit Visitor

Contact the Head of the Immigration department, Vijesna at 4A LAW UK Visit Visa Lawyers for specific and tailored advice on your circumstances.

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  1. Jane Maguire

    We are looking to stay in England for 8 months beginning in 2013. Is a visa necessary?
    Thank you,
    Jane Maguire

  2. Jane,

    Thank you for reading the blog post.

    To advise you on a UK visa we would need more information as to the purpose of your visit etc…

    Though do bear in mind that as a tourist the maximum stay is for a period of 6 months.

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