Entrepreneur Visa

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Entrepreneur Visa

It seems that there are an increasing number of Entrepreneurial visa applicants who are getting their UK business visas refused. If you are thinking about making an entrepreneur visa application you might be wondering why there are so many refusals. The answer that the Home Office might want people to believe is that many people do not have enough of a business background.

Vijesna Rohit Head of Business Immigration at 4A LAW says that “business and commercial sense is priceless for entrepreneur visa applicants. This is because business sense and experience is highly regarded among the British business community.

Business visa applicants should have a good business plan and need to meet various financial rules for a successful application for a UK visa as a businessperson. If business visa applicants can actually demonstrate sound business sense then that will dramatically improve the chances of getting an business visa. Hopefully this should at least in theory mean fewer delays.

Entrepreneur Visa Delays

UK visa delays can often mean that it takes a lot of time to get a business visa for an enterpriser. All being well, in the end it is worth the wait. Entrepreneur visa applicants should not be put off from making an application by what is generally in the media as negativity.

“Entrepreneurs make a positive contribution to the UK“.

In fact there is an article in The Guardian on entrepreneur visa applicants which suggests that Britons believe entrepreneurs do make a positive contribution to the UK economy in terms of growth.

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Entrepreneur Visa Guidance

If as an Entrepreneur applicant you want to obtain a business visa you need to satisfy a fair amount of hurdles. The criteria also includes complex funding requirements for the business opportunity in the UK.

Entrepreneur Visa as a Prospective Opportunity

As far as business opportunities are concerned there is the possibility of being able to apply for a Prospective business visa. This would enable a person to consider a business opportunity in the UK. The idea it is that as a potential entrepreneur visa applicant you would enter the UK for maximum period of 6 months. The 6 months would enable you to find the right opportunity.

Obviously as part of the business visit visa you must carry out certain activities. These activities include site visits, attending meetings and conferences. Obviously meetings with business consultants and business immigration lawyers would also count towards working out the right opportunity.

Entrepreneur Visa : Hire a Lawyer

An article in The Guardian reports on Entrepreneur visa applicants advising that delays should not hold you back. The article also advises entrepreneurs to hire an immigration lawyer, even if it is expensive because in the end, it is well worth it. After all, it is always best to give yourself the best chance to succeed!


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