UK Visa Refusals Advice

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UK Visa Refusals Advice

UK Visa Refusals Advice – It is about time that I express much of what is going on. No doubt many people need UK visa refusals advice following a refusal of an entry clearance application, or visa application from within the UK.


All I can say is You are Not Alone! Many of you reading this post will have read and re-read those dreaded refusals. The copious cut and paste jobs – the facts that simply don’t look familiar or don’t add up – wait – you’ll be wondering – trying to work out that all important question – is this actually UK visa refusal actually based on my application?

All I can say is You are Not Alone! Since the major changes in the UK Immigration Rules in July 2012 and the continuous barrage of changes in forms and let’s not forget ‘UK Home Office and visa application fees’ there seem to be more and more people and businesses needing UK Visa Refusals Advice.


UK Immigration Visa Refusals

Many of the UK visa immigration refusals that we have seen have been complex. Often these are difficult to understand even by some of the most well educated and business clients. Some of our clients have included doctors and commercial lawyers – because the UK Visa Refusals tend to have mistakes and errors on facts and errors of law. 

Let’s face the reality – just because it is a UK Visa refusal from a government body, does not mean to say that it was right!


Free Tip on What to do, if you need UK Visa Refusals Advice

If you have just received a refusal and are unsure of what to do next, here is a free tip on what to do, if you need UK Visa Refusals Advice – please get independent advice on it immediately – for the sake of your own case, not from the Home Office or UK Border Agency. 

It is essential to get independent expert advice. At least you will know all your options! You can be advised of your options and whether you do in fact have a right of appeal even if they say you do not have a right of appeal. Your adviser should be able to advise you as to whether the correct law has been applied to the case. Whether the decision for a UK visa refusal was the right decision or plain ‘wrong’ and ‘unjust’. 


Targets For Refusals

Unfortunately times are tough in Immigration with the Home Office and UK Border Agency’s main target is the number of refusals they can show on their figures! with immigration scare-mongering going on these days it is certainly worth getting professional independent and expert advice as soon as possible. If you have or you know someone who has received an UK Immigration visa Refusal or been through challenging one of those Refusals please share your experience by emailing us so that you and many others in the same situation can know “You Are Not Alone”. And the best advice and free tip on what to do, if you need UK Visa Refusals Advice –  get professional independent and impartial advice – contact 4A LAW.

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