UK Visa Appeal Rights Removed in UK Immigration

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 UK Visa Appeal Rights Removed in UK Immigration

4A LAW immigration Lawyers express concern regarding proposed reforms in that UK Visa appeal rights removed in UK Immigration rules. These will  impact migrant applicants visiting their family members in the United Kingdom.

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An article published by the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) briefly highlights UK visa changes affecting those visiting family members and the restriction on appeal rights in UK immigration.

Is Restricted UK Visa visitor Appeal Rights A Conservative Government Déjà Vu?

In a word, yes! UK visas for family visitors to the UK were the subject of limited immigration appeal rights. History, one might say has a way of repeating itself. It does seem to beg the question of whether any lessons have been learnt by successive governments and indeed the current government. Politicians might argue that something must be seen to be done. As part of the government’s commitment to controlling migration then it comes as no surprise to learn as to what has been revealed in “a clause in the Crime and Courts Bill, which will remove the full right of appeals for those applying to visit the UK as a family visitor.”

UK Family Visa Appeal Rights Removed

The removal of the family visitor appeal rights from UK immigration visit visas is expected to come into force by 2014. The effect of this will mean that where a family member has sought to visit the UK and the visa application is refused the only right of appeal will be on limited grounds of human rights or race discrimination.

The real challenge to those facing a refusal would be determine whether their application refusal has been as a result of institutional race discrimination when any other reason could be given for a refusal.

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