UK Wants to Increase Migration – Calling Investors and Entrepreneurs

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Business and Tourist UK Visas Increase

Business and Tourist UK visas are predicted to rise as the UK officially opens its borders to investors and entrepreneurs from overseas for business visas and tourist visas. Calling international business investors and entrepreneurs for business and fast permanent UK residence.

Increase in Tourist Visas to the UK

This move by the British government is likely to increase the number of applications for tourist UK visas as investors would first want to visit the UK. As a member of the international business community if you are considering global investment and business opportunities then the UK is officially open for business.

The UK aims to be the ideal location for entrepreneurs to achieve growth and success. The UK aims to achieve this by encouraging business immigration and creating fast visas for entrepreneurs and investors.

The Government view on Business Migration to the UK

Lord Green the Trade and Investment minister stated:

“I want to show how attractive a destination the UK can be for innovators and entrepreneurs, and how much we have to offer investors. There is a real hub of impressive knowledge and skills that can benefit any company that chooses to come here.”

Fast track immigration and settlement – Permanent residence in the UK

If you are a high value investor then the UK Government’s new rules on fast track settlement for high-value investors and entrepreneurs could be your ticket international success.

Essentially if you are seeking to migrate to the UK and will invest large sums of money you will be given the right to settle permanently in the UK faster than the previous system.

The Head of Immigration at 4A LAW Vijesna Rohit states that:

“With the world economies continuing to decline this is a clear sign of initiative by the UK that it means business and intends to turn around the UK fortunes create opportunites for prosperity.

4A LAW lawyers can advise and assist on all aspects of Immigration Business and Property law. This means that if you are considering a move to the UK as an investor and entrepreneur you will be pleased to know that you will obtain the best advice aimed at helping you to set up business in the UK.

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