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As part of the art of getting UK immigration visa applications right, 4A LAW LAWYERS advise that you have the correct UK visa form, before making an application. All too often, UK immigration visa application forms can take more than one sitting to complete. Often by that time, forms are changed and result in more paperwork.

 4A LAW Immigration Lawyers can reveal that new forms or changes to existing UK immigration forms are likely to occur from the 29th February and the 6th April 2012.

Wrong Immigration Form = UK Visit Visa REFUSED!

Vjiesna Rohit head of 4A LAW Lawyers’ Immigration department says that “the changes in the UK Immigration forms can have an impact on both corporate immigration and private immigration, which is why it is essential that any application is made on the correct immigration form and that it has not changed since it was completed.

Risking Visa Refusal

Unfortunately, not checking to see if the relevant UK immigration form has changed could mean your fee being taken and the application returned without it being considered.”

It would be bad for business if an immigration solicitor or an immigration lawyer regulated by the OISC got it wrong as that would not generate much goodwill between lawyer and client. It is essential fore to get the right advice t time.

From the 29th February applications on the UK Immigration form FLR (BID) should be made on FLR(0) and because forms change, it is imperative to check for the right form before submitting an application for a UK visa. The categories this applies to are:

  • Academic visitors;
  • UK Ancestor;
  • Private Domestic Workers;
  • Visit for private medical care;
  • Dependent of a person with limited leave.

If you or anyone you know require use of the 4 ‘A’s of law, advice, applications, appeals and advocacy, why not contact 4A LAW?

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  1. Pretty nice law related post. I just stumbled upon your website and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your posts.

  2. immigration lawyers

    well great article… wrong form = visa rufuse…. true!

  3. kan iyer

    well good article, as I never realised that wrong forms could mean visa refusals as often the reason for refusal is never mentioned. Its nice to see that someone actually cares about the changing of the forms and gives it importance:)

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