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The Home Office has released new rules on visiting the UK which will come into play from 1 January 2021. As we come out of the EU on the 31 December 2020 and the transition period ends there will be new procedures in place for EU nationals. 

Visit Visa

EU nationals can still visit the UK for less than 6 months to have a holiday or see family and friends. You will not need a visa to enter but will be subjected to the same Visit visa requirements as anyone else entering the UK as a visitor.  EU Nationals should travel and use their passport to enter and not just a national ID card.  Though the National ID card will be accepted until 1 October 2021.  After the 1 October 2021 only certain categories of EU Nationals will be permitted to enter the UK just using an ID card, mainly those on the EU Settlement Scheme.  However, that will also end on the 31 December 2025.  If in any doubt it is safer to travel with your passport or carry both your passport and ID card with you. 

Family members of EU Nationals

If you are a non-EU family member and registered onto the EU settlement Scheme, then you will need your passport and evidence of your status in the UK to reside. 

If you are a non-EU family member of an EU National who is not resident in the UK, then you will need your passport and evidence of your residence in the EU and may also require a visit visa depending on your nationality. 


The home Office have also stated that anyone bringing more than £10,000 (Ten thousand pounds) in cash will need to make a declaration of this.  I would also advise you to be cautious if you are carrying such amounts. 

Driving in the UK

If you have an EU driving license you may still drive in the UK but ensure that your car is insured and that you carry evidence of your insurance whether this is a green card or other document.  Non-EU nationals will either need the green card or you need UK vehicle insurance. 

Hope you all have a great holiday and the process of entering at the ports of entry runs smoothly for you all. 

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