UKVI Immigration Enforcement (0) v Neighbours (2)

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This week has seen how community spirits and support can save those who were being detained by UKVI Immigration Enforcement.

Many of us have heard of the dawn raids and refusal letters being received over bank holidays or over easter or Christmas breaks. The Home Office, UKVI have often targeted individuals including families when there is little or no support available for them to access.

This week in Scotland the enforcement immigration van was out and about on the celebration of ‘Eid’.  Little did Immigration Enforcement know that they had picked the wrong day, the wrong time and the wrong neighbourhood to mess with!

The BBC reported that protesters came out in hundreds to stop UKVI Immigration Enforcement detaining people.  It was reported that protesters shouted “let our neighbours go”.

This is not what the UKVI Immigration Enforcement Team had expected.  With the hostile environment and all the negative media on immigrants and Brexit all being merged as an immigration problem, Enforcement teams are not interfered with.  But this community stood firm, together in unity, in equality for their ‘neighbours’.

The BBC reported that protesters surrounded the van to prevent it driving off and one person was even under the van.

It was this time that UKVI needed the help.  The police were called who surrounded the UKVI Immigration enforcement van.  There was nowhere for the Immigration Officers to go, with such support the Immigration Enforcement had to release the detainees.

The Detainees

There were 2 men detained in the van, both of Indian nationality.  Lakvir Singh was one of these detainees, who commented later that he was thankful for the public’s support.  Lakvir Singh is an Indian national who has lived in Scotland since 2008.  The support from this community, his friends and neighbours saved Lakvir from being taken, detained, and put on a flight out of the UK.

Mr. Yousaf, Justice Secretary said that “The blame for what we saw lies squarely on the shoulders of a Home Office that took completely reckless action, which went into the heart of Scotland’s Muslim community on the day of Eid.

“At best it was utterly incompetent, at worst it was designed to provoke.”

Human Rights organisations have claimed that the UKVI act like the mafia and a more humane way of removing people needs to be proposed.

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