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The Home Office have published their fees for Immigration and Nationality Applications from the 29 March 2019.

There is some good news here, that most of the fees look to remain the same for immigration and Nationality forms.

Applications from abroad
If you are making an application from abroad, such as an Entry clearance application then the Settlement Application fees have remained the same. Spouse, fiancé or Partner applications will remain at £1,523. Visit visas have gone up slightly as follows:

• 6 months visit visa – £95
• 2 years visit visa – £361
• 5 years visit visa – £655
• 10 years visit visa – £822

The fast track service being offered, the Priority visa service for settlement will stay at £573 but the non- settlement Priority visa service will be £220, an increase of £8.

Applications within the UK
If you are making an application in the UK, then the working visas under the Tier 1, 2 and 5 remain the same as these Rules are all changing soon. The Student Tier 4 also remains the same. Settlement application remain at £2,389 for indefinite leave to remain and extensions at £1033.

The fee for EU application will go so there will be no charge for those applications.

The new Start Up visa will be £493 and the innovator visa £1277.

However, the Super priority service which is £610 will from the 29 March 2019 be £800, an increase of £190.

Nationality Applications
Again, some good news here. These have also remained the same. Naturalisation is £1330. The Life in the UK test is still £50.

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