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UKVCAS service status was updated on the 19 June 2020

From the 1 June 2020 UKVCAS, the home office online appointment service opened its services once again.  It was only open to those who had booked and had their appointment cancelled several times.

Some of you may have attended appointments and discovered that the UKVCAS had cancelled the appointments without notification.

Currently UKVCAS is opening more appointment slots.  These appointments are for those who submitted an application and registered on their system prior to lockdown or just as lockdown started.

The UKVCAS is doing a phased opening service allowing those with applications submitted earlier to book onto the system first.  Their website does state that an email will be sent out asking applicants to book an appointment but do not rely on this and check whether you are able to book an appointment.

UKVCAS states

Taking a phased and organised approach

In order to be fair to everyone, we are now opening up the booking system in date order starting with people who registered with UKVCAS before the 27th March but did not have an appointment. We are working from the earliest to the most recent registrations as we think this is the fairest and best approach to take. If you are one of these customers, you will have an email from us on the 21st or 22nd of June asking you to book an appointment. The email will have full instructions about next actions.”

UKVCAS will also be opening more of their centres as time goes on.  If the centre near you is still closed you will need to travel to one of the other locations, hopefully not too far.

The list below are the locations offered and when they will open.


Open Service Points:

Service Point     Open on
Belfast     22 June
Birmingham (Core)     1 June
Birmingham Premium Lounge     1 June
Cardiff Bay (Temporary Core)     22 June
Chelmsford     1 June
Edinburgh     22 June
Exeter     1 June
Glasgow (Core)     22 June
Leeds     1 June
London – Croydon (Core)     1 June
London – Premium Lounge     1 June
London – Mark Lane ESP     1 June
London – Victoria     1 June
Manchester Fountain Street ESP     1 June
Manchester (Temporary Core)     22 June
Sheffield     1 June
Southampton     1 June

The dates below indicate when we plan to open

Service Point     Forecast to open during
Aberdeen     w/c 20 July
Bournemouth     w/c 20 July
Canterbury     w/c 20 July
Cardiff (Core)     w/c 6 July
Coventry     w/c 3 August
Gloucester     w/c 27 July
Hemel Hempstead (Library)     w/c 6 July
Hull     w/c 6 July
Ipswich     w/c 6 July
Llandudno     w/c 20 July
London – Edmonton Green     w/c 6 July
London – Enfield     w/c 6 July
London – Stratford     w/c 3 August
Manchester (Core)     w/c 6 July
Newcastle     w/c 27 July
Newport     w/c 20 July
Peterborough     w/c 6 July
Reading     w/c 20 July
Swindon     w/c 20 July
Taunton     w/c 6 July
Wolverhampton     w/c 3 August

These service points are not expected to re-open until later in the year (Autumn 2020):


Service Point     Nearest Open Service Point
Bedford     London – Mark Lane
Burnley     Manchester Fountain Street
Cambridge     Chelmsford
Liverpool     Manchester Fountain Street
Preston     Manchester Fountain Street
Stockport     Manchester Fountain Street
Swinton (Yorkshire)     Sheffield
Wakefield     Leeds



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