UK-US Travel to Resume This Monday: What to Know

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The US government is expected to ease travel restrictions for the first time in two years. Fully vaccinated travellers from over 33 different countries (including the UK) will be able to visit the US for tourism and non-essential purposes from 8 November 2021 onwards.

Before this, since March last year, it had been impossible for British nationals who had been in the UK within the last 14 days to enter the United States. The Covid safety restrictions also applied to tourists from Ireland, the Schengen zone, South Africa, India, China and Brazil.

Earlier in September, the White House had stated that it would be lifting restrictions applying on visitors from the UK. This immigration news was received well in the UK since many had been looking forward to reuniting with their loved ones in the US.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what the new US rules are, how they will affect your visa application for the USA from the UK and what will be expected of you while travelling.

What are the new US travel rules?

Fully vaccinated travellers who have had a negative Covid test (PCR, lateral flow, or antigen) within the past three days can now visit the US without having to quarantine on arrival.

You will have to take another Covid test between days three to five of arriving. The only exception to this is if you can provide proof of recovery from coronavirus in the previous last 90 days.

Children under 18 are not required to be vaccinated but still need to take two Covid tests, much like adults.

You can read about the updated rules in detail on the UK Government website.

*Note – A person is considered ‘fully vaccinated’ if they have received the final vaccine dose 14 days prior to their departure date.

What proof of being fully vaccinated will I need?

The US authorities will be accepting vaccine certificates including your NHS travel Covid Pass.

You would have to show the QR code to the airport staff and immigration officials on arrival. You can either save the code in digital form or print it out.

So, what is changing?

Until now, US-UK travel was at a standstill because of the stringent travel restrictions implemented by the Washington administration due to Covid-19.

There has been a ban on tourism and non-essential travel to the US since March 2020. The UK was also included in the list of countries affected by the ban.

The current restrictions have been barring UK travelers from entering the US since the beginning of the pandemic.

This will be the first time they will be allowed to visit the US for tourism. This is great news for anyone who has filed their visa application for the USA from UK.

When will US borders open to the UK?

The US will be opening its borders when the new travel rules come into effect on Monday 8th November 2021.

If you wish to travel to the US to visit your loved ones for the holidays but have not applied yet, this is a good time to get started on your visa application for the USA from the UK.


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