UK Immigration Health Surcharge will be Doubled from December 2018 – NHS Payment

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The UK Immigration Health Charge or commonly known as the NHS payment will be doubled from December 2018.  The migration health surcharge which is required to be paid by those applying for visas over 6 months will  be doubled.  This is waiting for approval by parliament.

We brought you the news regarding the NHS immigration health surcharge doubling in our blog in February 2018, accessible here. From December 2018 what you pay for the NHS per year as part of your visa process will be doubled.  For example, on a spouse visa the NHS payment was £200 per year and the payment for the UK Immigration NHS Payment was £500. This now is likely to be £1000.

UK Immigration Health Surcharge will be Doubled from December 2018

UK Immigration NHS payment will be Doubled from December 2018


Immigration Health Surcharge – UK Visa Categories

With increasing Visa fees and the NHS surcharge being doubled poorer families may be hard hit as the payment for the Visa Application Fee and the NHS are usually paid either on the same day or within a short space. Applicants applying for a visa will need to ensure that the funds are ready and available, this will mean saving in advance.

The other visa categories such as the Tier 4 student and Tier 5 youth mobility, again the Immigration NHS payment is doubling from £150 to £300.  This will also be the case for the working visas such as Tier 1 and Tier 2. The doubling of the NHS payment is regardless of the fact that those who will be in employment or even creating employment for British workers will already be contributing to the NHS through their income. Considering the above there is no mention if someone prefers private health care rather than the NHS.  It would seem that the payment would still have to be made.

Immigration Health Surcharge – NHS Funding

This 100% increase in the NHS payment may see families letting their visas expire as they would not have the funds or putting them into debt.  Conversely, the NHS needs funding to continue it is justifiable.

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