Immigration Law and the Banks

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Your immigration status affects what you can and cannot do in the UK.  For some it can have devasting effects due to its ridged Rules and Requirements.  It governs your accommodation, your finances and can affect you physical and mental well-being.

What the Banks do

Banks and Building societies do carry out immigration checks on people who want to open a bank account.  The Banks can refuse to open an account for you or even add your name to an existing account.

For those whose visa expires or are in the process of applying and have not heard for months on end as to an immigration application face difficult challenges with employers and the banking system. This can of course impact family and private life in the UK and make people homeless.

Banks closing current accounts

Banks and Building Societies can also carry out checks at any time and can even close your existing bank account.  It can be very frustrating in trying to resolve these issues especially as the Home Office can take months to make a decision.

What can you do if your bank account is closed or blocked?

The Home Office first start with “if you believe it is a mistake or have wrongly had …”.  This informs you that you needing and wanting access to your bank account is irrelevant! They are just interested in if they got the law wrong.

You will need to contact the Home Office to tell them about their “mistake” and they do make mistakes.  There are no details on how to contact them or any forms that need completing.

I would suggest a detailed letter outlining the entire situation and your circumstances and backing it up with any evidence you have from the bank in question and your immigration status.

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