How to Fill UK Immigration Forms – Top 10 Tips Part 2 of 2

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Over the years I have seen many UK Immigration Forms produced by the Home Office, that have been completed either incorrectly, lacking details or invalid. I have set out below my Top 10 Tips on completing any UK Immigration Form. Please see Part 1 – Tips 1 – 5.

Top 10 Tips – No 6: Signatures.

Top Tip 6 is to ensure that you have signed the Application Form in ALL the places it has been requested. Some Application Forms may require up to 3 or 4 signatures from you on the back few pages. Also remember the signature in the middle for the Biometrics too.

Top 10 Tips – No 7: Photographs

Ensure that the passport sized photograph meets the requirements. No smiles, no hats etc … I know we all want to look nice and we all look better with a smile.  The caseworkers at the various departments in the Home Office are sat looking at application after application, they are all the same after your 57464704980 one (random number by the way!)

Suggestion to UKVI: funny faces may help to remember each application so you get the names right or the information right rather than 2 applications rolled up into one letter, worse when it is a refusal letter and you are Chinese and they say you are Nigerian or vice versa. The Home Office take your Biometrics anyway – is there a need for photographs?

Top 10 Tips – No 8: Black pen.

Top 10 Tips On Completing Immigration Forms

This may be obvious but use a black biro pen and write neatly or in block capitals if necessary. Some gel or ink pens may smudge and the words are illegible.  Make it clear what you are writing. 

Top 10 Tips – No 9: Answer ALL the questions.

Top Tip 9 is to go through the entire Application Form at least twice and then ask a family member or a friend to check over it.  Make sure you have followed the questions and answered ALL the relevant parts. I can understand that with some forms it is not so easy to follow which section to navigate or which section is next but check over it again. 

Top 10 Tips – No 10: One fits ALL

The UK Application Forms are designed for everyone. It may not have all the information and questions you need to tell the Home Office / UKVI.  Use the further information page and a cover letter to put everything down and explain your case to the Home Office / UKVI. 


I know it was meant to be 10 top tips but this one is a MUST! PHOTOCOPY EVERTHING you send.  Always keep copies of the Application Form and all the documents. You never know when you need it! Finally Good luck with your UK Immigration Application Forms.

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