Frontier Worker Permit

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A Frontier Worker permit is for EU citizens who work in the UK either employed or self-employed and live elsewhere, so you do not live in the UK.

This new Frontier Worker Permit Visa allows EU citizens to continue their work in the UK so long as they started before 31 December 2020.  Many EU citizens continue to live in the EU but work in the UK and often travel back and forth depending on their work.

As the UK has left the EU, this new Frontier Worker Permit Visa recognises this group of people and ensures that you can continue with your work or business.


The Fee

The best bit is that these applications unlike other Immigration Visas are free of charge.  There is no fee attached to making this application.


Action date

You must hold a Frontier Worker Permit Visa if you wish to continue your work.  After 1 July 2021 you must enter with this visa otherwise you are likely to face challenges at the Port of Entry.


The Requirements for the Frontier Worker Permit Visa

  1. You are an Eu citizen
  2. You live outside the UK
  3. You were working in the UK before 31 December 2021


Being an EU Citizen

– This requires your passport and / or Identity card as evidence of your nationality


Living Outside the UK

– The Home Office will consider how much time you have spent in the UK and how much time you spend outside the UK. If it looks as though you are living in the UK you are likely to be refused as not meeting this requirement.  You’ll be eligible if you have spent less than 180 days in total in the UK over the course of the 12-month period. If you have spent over the 180 days then the Home Office will consider any exceptional circumstance s especially if you return home once every 6 months or twice in that year.

The 12-month period the home office are considering is from 1 January 2020.  It is best to check you flight or travel details so you can be certain as to your dates of entry or exit.  It is difficult for frequent travellers especially since there is no stamp in your passport.  Try checking emails for booking information or even bank statement and credit card bills you may have bought a coffee at the airport.

Working in the UK

– You will need to show that your work started before 31 December 2020.  You will need to show that you continue to work in the UK and most importantly that your work is  ‘genuine and effective’ .  It is best to keep a record or a log of your work.

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